People Prosper: The Guiding Spirit of Our Legacy

Most companies have some sort of declared intention.

Some go so far as to create a vision for the future.

We took it a step further and identified the guiding spirit behind the legacy we want to leave behind for the generations that follow.

That guiding spirit comes down to two words…

People Prosper

In our soul-searching, it became evident to us that we all shared one core belief — we want people to prosper.

That’s all people.

Friends, family, customers, co-workers, vendors, and even ourselves.

When we looked back on our lives, we saw that the most satisfying times in our lives were when we brought joy to other people.

We realized that our business is an opportunity to do that every single day — to bring joy to people and to help them prosper.

As a result, we have constituted People Prosper as the driving force in everything we do as individuals and as an organization.

We don’t have it written down on a sticky note on the mirror. It’s not printed on signs we hang in the office. There are no t-shirts.

We simply embody People Prosper.

As such, we look at all of our business objectives and challenges through this lens.

There might often be a faster way to do things. Or a more profitable way. And especially an easier way.

However, we always end up choosing the path where we know the most people will prosper as a result.

Chris Williams

CEO of Legacy Global Development, an international real estate development company with properties in Costa Rica, Belize, and The Bahamas.

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