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What we do

  • Though we are a development company, we are frequently engaged by other development companies to provide sales and marketing services for their projects.
  • As such, Legacy Global Sales is the revenue generation department for other development companies.
  • We come with ready-set infrastructure, systems and staff so that other developers don’t have to create it.
  • The best part is that we get it – given that we are also a development company, we understand the needs and concerns of a developer – particularly around sales velocity, profitability and cash flow.

What we are about

  • Our mission is to fulfill on the developer’s intention of successfully completing a profitable project.
  • We stand for –
    • Operating with integrity.
    • Being in full communication.
    • Producing the desired result with ease.
    • And we take the case that we are bigger than any circumstance that may arise and, as such, at all times we have a say so in how things turns out.

Why choose us

  • We are experienced, ready to go and uniquely positioned with sales processes, call centers and sales teams setup in the United States, the Caribbean and Central America.  We can quickly get your sales engine up and running.
  • We take an active approach to drive the buyer to the property.  Rather than waiting for the buyer to find the project themselves, we actively locate qualified and interested buyers from around the globe and bring the project to them…and ultimately we bring the buyer to the property.

Please contact us to learn more.